Family Counselling

Our families have the potential to bring us joy and safety and a sense of belonging that cannot be equalled in any other part of our lives. The counselling I provide is dedicated to realising this potential.

Family Counselling

Family counselling can help members of your family who care about one another to speak about difficult thoughts and emotions in a safe way where no one is scapegoated or blamed and everyone is heard and respected.

You will have an opportunity to become clear about each other’s beliefs, motivations and understandings and, where necessary, you will be able to clarify and reassure each other.

As you start to understand each other’s feelings and reasons behind behaviours, strengths in your family, that are already there, will naturally reveal themselves and can be used by all of you to bring safety to your relationships. Old, unhelpful ways of communicating can be left behind in the past and new, more helpful ways of being, can become part of your lives together today.

It can be a difficult process to sit in a room with family members that you have previously been at loggerheads with. I understand this and it is my responsibility to help this process by protecting you all from difficult language and the damage shame can cause. I will show you how to use language in more constuctive ways so you can hear eachother better and be the strength for one another that you each need.

Therapy works if people wish to attend. I do not apply pressure on anyone to have counselling. I think this is a sensible and just rule of thumb.

Taking the first step

If you live in Bournemouth or Poole, The New Forest or Southampton and you would like to find out more about the services I offer and about how therapy can help you, or someone close to you, then please call me on 07872 137 615.

Alternatively, please fill out the referral form below, giving as little or as much detail as you wish. I will get back in contact with you on the same day

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Counselling for teenagers testimonial.

Counselling for teenagers testimonial. Question- How helpful was the counselling you received?

Answer- It helps me relieve my stress, I could tell someone what was happening and I was not judged. I had a different look at my life.

26 May 2014

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Question-  How has seeing the counsellor helped you?

Answer- In all ways, we spoke about my family matters and I can see everything in a different light now, it's not so stressful, plus we looked at the way the way the capitalist western world worked which was incredible.

31 May 2018