My husband hates me

My husband hates me. If you have reason to think your husband hates you then please just take a moment and read my blog, it will help.

You will see that you husband probably has a view of you that is not real but with some help he can change his mind and the way he sees you.

So, for the moment, why not think about something else and take a look at the statue of Christ the Redeemer that, from the top of it’s mountain top, has a breath taking view of Rio.

The bay, the small islands and the sun must look like paradise to the Figure, maybe it even reminds Him of Eden.

Except of course he’s made of stone.

How ironic that this view of Eden can only be seen by an unseeing piece of concrete, erected by man, as if he wanted to interrupt this view of paradise from his own eyes with a cunningly crafted piece of stone.

As usual man denies what he sees and does something that is counter intuitive and counter productive.

How relevant the work of the engineers and architects is for the people that the statue looms over is debateable.

Did these professionals do the work for free, or for a nominal fee, waving their rights to riches and glory and the accolades of their peers in order to bless the slum dwellers with the gospel of grace?

Probably not.

They most likely built the statue on feelings of destiny and importance and dressed up their hubris as……something else. In this way they disguised their greed.

If you think your husband hates you then please ask yourself if he really knows you at all.

Ask yourself if, like the builders of Christ The Redeemer, he has obscured something beautiful with something ugly, constructed in his imagination, that does not reflect the real world.

If you feel your husband hates you and you would like for him to meet the real you once again please get in touch and start the journey. You will be welcomed, recognised and heard.