Counselling domestic abuseĀ 

Counselling domestic abuse. I provide specialist domestic abuse counselling in Poole and in this blog I explain a little about what happens to our bodies when we are faced with abuse at home.lIf we perceive a threat, either physical or emotional, our bodies release chemicals such as adrenalin, fatty acids and glucose into our blood stream enabling a fight or flight response.

Our reproductive systems are put on hold and blood is taken away from the skin and taken to our internal organs, preparing and protecting them for trouble. Our brains become more alert and observant about the danger we face and our thinking becomes less reasoned and rational as we start to process information from our amygdala, which is that part of our brain that handles our fight or flight response. We become less attuned to pain.

In this state we are prepared to fight or to run not think and reflect.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to run. They are trapped at home, at work or in the playground. In this state their bodies become stressed, blood pressure rises and memory systems are organised and activated and absorb frightening incidents in every detail making the fight or flight state more accessible in the future.

Counselling domestic abuse. Life is full of challenges. Those us who have been nurtured and supported through the trials and pressures of early life in a calm and calming, measured way are more able to deal with stress as we get older because we are able to use our brains to think through difficult situations.

Those of us who have been raised by stress find it much easier to automatically activate the fight or flight response in stressful situations.

Counselling offers you an opportunity to think through your situation. It is a unique form of helping that does not judge you for the abuse you have suffered and does not expect you to change your living circumstance. Counselling is for you if you feel like taking a break from those people who are hurting you and from those people who expecting you to take action.

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