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When we feel alone and ignored we can feel anxious and angry around our partners. Couple counselling provides the opportunity for you both to sit together and find new, more helpful, ways of hearing and supporting each other.

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About Marriage & Couples Therapy

I provide short and long-term therapy for couples who want to make a change in their relationship.

It could be that you are struggling to co-parent your children or that you are finding it hard to incorporate step-children into your relationship. It might be that you are trying to recover from the damage of infidelity. Whatever is bringing stress to relationship, therapy is an opportunity for you both to sit together and talk things through.

I will not take sides and unless there is physical, emotional or verbal aggression in your relationship, I will not tell either of you that you are behaving, thinking or feeling wrongly.

I know that things may have become difficult for you both and that you may have tried many times to speak with each other. Perhaps strong feelings have prevented you both from saying what you need to say in a way that can easily and comfortably be heard. When we feel unheard we can often feel anxious and this can make us seem angry or cold towards each other.

It is my job to help you bring harmony to your relationship as you learn to understand and asssit each other in new and more helpful ways.

Some couple counselling is prescriptive. For example, both of you would agree to implement a plan for your sex life that starts off with low contact and finishes with you having sex after a few weeks. This is not the kind of therapy I offer. I listen to both of you and between us all we determine the course therapy will take.

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