Children and Teenagers

I have supported children and teenagers for over 25 years.

I currently spend half my working week as the lead practitioner at a school in Chelsea. 

Our children are the most precious of all our attachments. When things go well we walk on air, telling the world of our happiness and pride. However, when our children are in trouble we can find ourselves feeling anxious, confused and fearful.   

Children and Teenagers

I have been lucky enough to have been working with children for over half my life and I am registered with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy as a therapist for Children and Young People.

I have supported young people who have lived in children’s homes, residential pupil referal units and mainstream primary and secondary schools in the public and private sector and I have come to see clearly that society expects a good deal from our young people.

My specialisms include helping parents to understand and make sense of what might be the causes behind their children’s more worrying, concerning or confusing behaviour at home and at school, helping young people to manage and recover from anxiety, depression, anger and family crisis and supporting children and young people who live within the care system.

As well as my practices in Dorset and Hampshire, I am the lead counselling practitioner in a multi-cultural Academy in Central London, rated Outstanding by Ofsted, where I deliver and coordinate therapeutic interventions to students. I provide, fast, cost effective, therapy that has been shown conclusively to improve attendance and wellbeing, attitude to learning and social engagement when other services have failed.

I have considerable experience in supporting children and young people who have been exposed to crime and domestic violence, drug and alcohol misuse and sexual exploitation. I provide help for young people who self-harm and self-medicate with street drugs and who refuse to go to school and isolate themselves and I enable children who have stopped speaking (also known as Selective Mutism) to recover their voices.

If you would like to find out how I can help then please get in touch with me. You are welcome to send me an email or you can contact me by phone for an initial discussion.

I would like the children and young people who work with me to feel comfortable and empowered, understood and heard as they learn about themselves and find new ways to communicate with others based on self-respect and self-care.

I do my very best to ensure that meetings with me fit in with all school, college and work commitments.

Counselling works if young people wish to attend. I do not apply pressure on young people to have therapy. I think this is a fair and safe rule of thumb.

Some of the children and young people I have worked with have kindly left me anonymous, post therapy, testimonials about how they feel the work we carried out together helped them. You can review these testimonials and you will gain an insight into some of the issues that we speak about in counselling.

I passionately believe in providing counselling in schools for all young people and one of the Head Teachers I have worked with has given me a testimonial which you can now read below:

“Guy Payne has been the therapeutic Counsellor at our school since we opened in September 2009 – a role quite simply we could not have managed without.

We are an inner city Academy with a comprehensive intake and we have a range of students with a range of needs. Having Mr Payne as an in-house instant point of referral, far swifter than CAMHS referrals we might otherwise have to make, has been a service that we have been able to offer our young people and a service that has proved time and again to be of the highest standard.

The students receive a weekly appointment for an agreed amount of time with a clear entry and exit route. The ability to offer Mr Payne’s services to our young people and their parents is invaluable. Feedback overwhelmingly supports his service and the help it provides, having access to this kind of intervention has without doubt added to the pastoral support we are able to put in place for our students from Year 7 to Year 13.

We are an Academy where the support we are able to provide our students is key to the ethos of the organisation – we talk of no student being left behind, of no barrier being insurmountable, of barriers to educational achievement being removed as far as is possible – Mr Payne’s input is central to that ethos and our vision statement.

In an era where the demands on students are increasing daily in terms of academic and social achievement, Mr Payne’s service has proved essential – I cannot recommend it highly enough.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.”


I also write a blog regularly that you can browse below. You may find that some of my articles provide you with useful information.

Taking the first step

If you live in Bournemouth or Poole, The New Forest or Southampton and you would like to find out more about the services I offer and about how therapy can help you, or someone close to you, then please call me on 07872 137 615.

Alternatively, please fill out the referral form below, giving as little or as much detail as you wish. I will get back in contact with you on the same day

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School counselling testimonial for year 7

School counselling testimonial for year 7. Question- How has seeing a counsellor helped you in your life?

Answer- It's been easier to get on in school with someone to listen to my opinion. I can speak freely and this helps with most issues.

26 May 2014

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School counselling testimonial for year 12

School counselling testimonial for year 12.Question- How helpful was the counselling you received?

Answer- Thank you for all your support, I hope we can carry on next year.

15 July 2014