Why is my child angry?

Why is my child angry? I provide cost effective counselling for teenagers and children, I have worked with a number of unhappy and worried parents who want to change the levels of anger at home.

In this article I am going to ask you to imagine you are a young person in a tough place because I would like us to move away from the idea that an angry child is a selfish or out of control child and I would like us to move into a place that understands that anger is understandable and sooth-able.

You may not identify with the example I write about however I hope you can see that anger has complex roots and is often a response to difficult situations that young people face.

Imagine being 12 and coming home one day to discover your father is silently, purposefully, packing a suitcase while your mother is in another room. She is in tears and tells you to go to your room because she is too upset to speak with you at the moment. 

Over the next few days it turns out that your father has left the family home for good.

Imagine that you had not foreseen this happening. Imagine that you have friends that divorce has happened to and although none of you have ever known how to speak about it, it has been clear from the look in their eyes that it has caused them pain and confusion. Imagine that you have always been thankful that you have not been placed in this horrifying situation….until now.

Your mother tells you that she will not discuss the situation with you but she says she has details about your father that she will only disclose to you once you are 16. Your father tells you that he will not speak about what has happened because it makes him feel guilty. He says that when he left the house that first day he went to A&E as he had heart palpitations.

You are alone, fearful….stuck.

Imagine going to school feeling like this, preoccupied, tired and irritable. Imagine falling out with a friend or a teacher while you are in this place. Imagine that you snap at your peers or a member of staff and if this happens a few times you are labelled angry and get punished by teachers and ignored by your friends.

Counselling can help unpick the key issues and can give young people a chance to find themselves again.

If you have been told that your child has anger management why not get in touch with me and we can see how we can make things better?