Teenager counselling

Teenager counselling. Sometimes our children worry, confuse and frustrate us. We usually know what is troubling them (at least we are fairly sure we do!), but no matter how hard we try and get them to listen to us they seem to be determined not to hear us, preferring to take advice from their peers or, even more difficult for us to accept, from somebody else’s parents.

If you are reading this then I guess that there is a possibility that you are in the difficult position that I have just described.

I have supported children and young people for more than twenty five years and the first thing to note is that I can safely say that your children know you love them and even when things are not going well between you they know you love them and they too feel the pain of the disconnect that arguments and the resulting distance brings.

Children, particularly teenagers have a bad press. We think that teenagers are in some way out of control and that they have little to contribute to society, so wrapped up as they are they in their hormones and their physical development. We mock them on TV with adults imitating them and sending them up as monosyllabic, mindless morons. We imagine that they have enough to do just to get up on time and we imagine that if we shout loud enough we will get through to the “teenage brain” within.

Don’t buy into this view of your children. They have just as difficult a time in this world as we do, just as many responsibilities placed on their shoulders and just as many expectations are placed on their behaviour as on ours.

Counselling teenagers has allowed me to see clearly that given the opportunity to express themselves, teenagers show that they are insightful and rational and, like the adults in their life, just need to feel connected, safe and heard. And when they feel safe, good things happen to them. They feel calmer, less prone to the impulsive reactions that fear of not being understood by their parents (the most important people in their lives) bring, and relationships improve. This is the single most important aspect of all our lives.

If you would like to find out how counselling can help your child then please contact me, I would be pleased to take some time to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Your children are understandable and I can help you get back into a place of authority and influence in their lives.