I can’t cope with my teenager

I can’t cope with my teenager. I provide therapy and help to parents and their children. There are a number of organisations that offer counselling for teenagers and adolescents, however, before you decide on who you might contact and what course of action to take you might consider a number of things.

  • Does you son or daughter want to see a therapist? 
  • There are no magical words that can suddenly make a difference. Change is possible but it takes commitment from all sides, including the adults in a young person’s life, to make that change. 
  • There are no ethical ways of convincing a young person to have therapy if they do not want to engage.
  • How is the relationship between you and your partner? A struggling adult relationship will impact negatively on those dependant on that adult relationship.
  • Changing the outlook and behaviour of a young person can sometimes most effectively be carried out by working with other, older members of the family.

Just because a young person gets angry, engages in self-harm and substance misuse, has difficult relationships with teachers at school, does not tell the truth, hangs out with friends that could be considered dangerous it does not mean that they are bad and “not normal”.

They have probably not arrived at this point in their lives on their own and putting it down to “typical teenager” behaviour may not help you as you set about to help them help them.

The counselling I will provide you will enable you to accurately interpret the meaning and reasons for your child’s behaviour and together we will find the tools you need to more helpfully and compassionately intervene. Please contact me, I’d be pleased to discuss this in more detail.