Counselling for teenagers

Counselling for teenagers. There are so many of us caught up in a confusing, frightening, world where our children seem to have grown up into argumentative young people over whom we have little or no influence.
In public we hide behind a smile, giving off the impression that everything is fine with our family while all the time we are hurting inside, full of fear for the future as we struggle through daily life.
I know so many people who find it incredibly hard to manage a busy 21st Century life with it’s professional and social demands and expectations while trying to raise their children in the right way.
We can’t fit it all in and time and our lives go by so quickly. With change happening almost on a daily basis in our family it’s not long before we can feel real pain if our relationships with our children are hard.
If things stay bad for too long, we consult doctors who send us to CAMHS, a fantastic organisation, hugely underfunded and over worked, who put us at the end of a long waiting list if we are unlucky enough to meet their threshold.
We look at the internet and scowl through the huge variety of diagnosis and quickly form frightening views of our children based on someone else’s description of behaviour that, at times, our children show. We end up thinking they have “traits” of this or we believe they may be a “high functioning” version of that as science confuses us with it scary array of possibilities.
The right help is not always easy to find and anyone that tries to sell you the idea that six sessions of CBT can teach you “helpful strategies” that will turn things around for ever is not being straight with you.
The family counselling I provide to parents holds one basic belief as being the most important and that is that you love you children above all else and you are interested in finding out if things can easier and better between you.
I will help you genuinely understand and interpret the behaviour of your teenager, or teenagers, so you can intervene in a more timely and informed way that shows your children you love and understand them and enables you to feel that you are, once again, their go-to person for advice and help.
You are welcome to contact me via email or telephone if you would like to find out more about my experience and training or you would like to tell me a little about what is going on for you today.
Change is possible.