Counselling for children and teenagers

I provide specialist counselling for children and teenagers as well as providing support for individuals, couples and families.

I was recently asked to do a Life Story with a young person who is eleven years old and who has been in care for the last two years. It was hoped that undertaking this work with me would help this young person find some understanding and some peace in their lives.

I decided not to carry out this piece of work because I was concerned that doing this piece of work with this young person might do more harm than good.

As we can imagine, going over events that may have been traumatic may very well trigger recall of traumatic feelings that might, for example, contain elements of trauma, loss, separation and anxiety.

We all find ways of dealing with these difficult situations. Some of us manage with the support of parents or friends or loved ones and find ourselves able to negotiate these tough times well enough, coming out the other side bruised but in one piece.

But what happens to those of us who, when we were young, had to face difficult times on our own? We end up coping in ways that we have been shown or we cope by dissociating, thereby removing ourselves from the here and now, taking our consciousness somewhere else while the bad stuff is happening. This is our spirit’s way of surviving when it is faced with irreconcilable situations. Lots of us do it in many different ways. Compulsive behaviour in all it’s variety is one manifestation of dissociative behaviour.

This is why life story work must be undertaken at all times with respect and caution and only when there is a significant bond between therapist and client, for, in reviewing the past, I must be ready to therapeutically notice and interpret a change in my client’s behaviour and be prepared to provide support that is coherent and consistent with my client’s pain.

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