Counselling for angry teenagers

I provide therapy and counselling for teenagers and anger is one of the emotions I am frequently asked, by worried parents or school staff, to modify or remove from the children they look after.

Anger is an essential emotion and it brings to our attention the possibility that in some way we have been violated. There are many ways anger can influence our behaviour. It can cause us to:

  • Look for help and assistance
  • To run away
  •  To fight
  •  Feel overwhelmed, as if we are frozen to the spot, unable to move or think in our usual ways
  •  Feel switched us off from our ourselves so that we are barely present, barley aware of our surroundings. This dissociative response to anger usually occurs when we have a negative sense of our anger. For example, our anger might have brought us shame from others in our community or perhaps we were made to feel as if our anger is a bad thing or perhaps we have been so frightened by someone else’s anger that we cannot cope with our own anger. 

The problem is that some of us have never been given an appropriate voice to demonstrate with and so our anger either becomes depressed inside us or it becomes untamed and dangerous to ourselves and others. 

A cornerstone to my work is respecting and understanding a young person’s experience. I do this by listening and reflecting back what I have heard with compassion and empathy. It is only then, when a person, young or old, feels heard and understood, that they can feel safe enough to explore their feelings  and their behaviour in meaningful ways.

If you are looking for therapy for your child or a young person you are looking after then I would be delighted to hear from you. You are more than welcome to contact me to arrange an initial consultation or to arrange a phone call at a time convenient for you.

Thank you for reading my article, I trust it has been of use.