Counselling and Therapy

1. Why see counsellor? Why have counselling? The National Institute of Clinical Excellence recommends talking therapies. You don’t have to feel on your own, a lot of us feel unhappy, unsupported and alone. It’s estimated that at least one in six of us are currently suffering with some form of psychological distress.
2. Why Therapy, why not just take medication, surely it’s easier and cheaper? Some people do find a medication regime easier. However, sometimes the difficulties we experience are intrusive and lead us to want to find out how and why they occur. Counselling can help change the way we think and act and feel. Maybe if you find out how your difficulties started you can take steps to stop them coming back.
3. How quickly will I see the benefits of counselling? The National Institute of Clinical Excellence and The NHS have compiled a large body of evidence to suggest that people who attend regular therapy with a fully trained and experienced therapist will see the positive results within two to four months.

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