What’s it like in foster care?

Are you wondering What’s it like in foster care? If you haven’t do so already then could I ask you to please take a few moments to imagine what life might be like for a young person who does not live with either birth parent.  Imagine being that you person.

Imagine being taken away from your home. Even if you are having a horrible time, your preference would be to stay at home and for the adults around you to fix their behaviour, removing you might cause you to become, depressed, anxious and needing to self-harm just to feel ok.

Once in care you would feel isolated and fearful. You would be forced to bury your feelings about being taken from your home as learning the rules of your new environment would take priority, in this way your depression and anxiety would take hold.

Take a moment to imagine what that would be like. From what time to use the bathroom in the mornings, to what to do if you wet the bed, to which rooms are available to you and what rules apply when you are hungry and need food, it all takes learning.

Let us not forget that you will have been taken from a traumatic situation where extremes of neglect, mental or physical abuse have been the norms. The distortions of care you will have been exposed to will have organised your expectations and belief systems. Then, suddenly, someone you do not know comes along and says it’s all wrong and puts you in a stranger’s care!  

And all this trauma is a consequence of your parents behaviour, not yours.

So, What’s it like in foster care? It’s a tough new move for young people.

If you live Bournemouth, Poole or Dorset and you would like to meet to discuss what you have read further then why not give me a call, send me a text or email me and we can arrange to meet, I have over 20 years experience in supporting people with this issue.

Together we can make a difference.

And finally….

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