Would you like the opportunity to speak with a qualified, experienced, counsellor for an hour without charge but you are apprehensive about what might be you might be expected to say? It may put your mind at rest to know that one of the core books that was required reading on all the courses offered was On Carl Rogers by Brian Thorne.

This book is fabulous, Rogers is often sited as being an essential ingredient for counselling in the UK today, yet therapists spend so much time learning new diagnostic skills every year…this seems contra to Roger’s view which was summed up perfectly in the following passage on page 60 of Brain Thorne’s book on Carl Rogers, Carl Rogers Key figures in Counselling and Psychotherapy 2003.

“It is not difficult to understand why Carl Rogers so frequently provoked the anger of professional power groups, whether academic, medical or political. He had no confidence that academic qualifications, medical expertise or even psychological sophistication endowed people with the capacity to help others. There was even evidence to suggest that the weighty baggage of intellectual and academic achievement could diminish rather than augment and individual’s ability to relate to others. By his emphasis on the personal qualities of therapists Carl Rogers threatened those whose professional identity depended on the length of their training or their accumulation of higher degrees. On the other hand, his point of view was immensely encouraging and supportive to those you might otherwise have considered it impossible to pursue careers as therapists.”

So, know that you will be working with someone who is not concerned with diagnosis or conditions but rather concerned with allowing you to feel heard, cared for and understood.

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