What is abusive behaviour?

What is abusive behaviour? Abuse occurs in many relationships including parent and child, work colleague to work colleague and between partners in sexual relationships. Abuse can be pernicious and confusing and before you know it you can find yourself feeling responsible and to blame for everything that goes wrong and all because someone else has told you you are.

Here is a short list of some of the ways abusers can adopt in order to make themselves feel safe by keeping you under their control.

  • Isolation – limiting outside contact
  • Emotional abuse – “You can’t see or speak or look at anyone except me”, “I’m going to check your phone and look at who is contacting you, you are untrustworthy”, “I don’t like your family, keep them out of the house”, “I love you, why are you always so horrible to me.”
  • Economic abuse
  • Intimidation
  • Using children and pets as weapons in order to achieve the aims and desires of the abuser
  • Physical attacks [page-content-sc id=”2405″]