What are the symptoms of depression?

Interestingly, the symptoms of depression resemble anaemia so if there’s a possibility that you may be low on iron, get a blood test.

When you test the level of iron in your blood, get a ferritin test also.

Ferritin is the body’s intra cellular iron store, it is often missed in a standard blood screening but it’s essential to get a measure of it.

You may have a normal reading of iron in your blood but if your ferritin is low then you will have symptoms of depression and you may be given inappropriate medication.


Iron and ferritin being equal, the symptoms of depression can include:

  • Change in your appetite (eating too much or not eating enough)
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Lack of energy, feeling tired and sad and unable to pick yourself up
  • Feeling anxious about going out into public places
  • Feeling that you fake happiness when you are with others to disguise how you really feel
  • Trouble concentrating or making decisions and feeling angry because of this
  • Feeling hopeless, like everything is pointless
  • Finding yourself running over past events and scrutinizing your behaviour that you believe to be embarrassing
  • Feeling guilty
  • Being unable to stand up for yourself

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