Understanding alcoholism

I provide specialist counselling for alcoholism in Poole and Bournemouth. As Christmas approaches, I am mindful that this time of year can be challenging for all those people who have found life difficult because of alcohol misuse. This blog is about understanding alcoholism and it’s complex effect on families. Whether you have drunk through many Christmas days or whether you have been exposed to damaging behaviour due to someone else’s drinking, Christmas can be a difficult time.

The reality of living with a person who uses alcohol to mend their mood can be dangerous, cold, lonely and bleak.

In this blog I ask you to consider the many ways that alcohol can interrupt life, compromise the future and ruin hope.

It could be that you are a 14 year girl, who subtly replaces the vodka in her parents’ vodka bottles with water and who tries to ensure that disputes do not occur between her parents by playing up at school because she has noticed that when her parents are annoyed at her, they do not argue between themselves. It could be that no matter how hard you try you just can’t stop them drinking and fighting. In time the anger, anxiety and fear you feel on a daily basis have combined with your failing strategy of having them focus on you and you are now at risk of failing at school and developing life-long limiting self-beliefs about yourself.

It could be that you are a parent who drinks heavily and who has been told countless times by doctors (and everyone else because when you have a dependency on alcohol everyone else feels they have the right to tell you what to do) that you must give up drinking at once because you run the risk of immediate death by alcoholic poisoning. It could be that no matter how hard you try you just can’t stop the drinking.  

It could be that that you had an older brother who drank heavily and eventually died from alcohol misuse. Maybe he picked on you, upset your parents, left his children and still you all feel confused and uncertain about what really happened to him around his dependency to alcohol because his tears and promises to give up still ring in your ears and break your heart. It could be that no matter how hard you tried no of you were able to stop him the drinking.  

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