Therapy for teenagers
Therapy for teenagers. Are you looking for a therapist for your children? Before you consider therapy there are a few simple things you might look at that may make a big impact on your child’s day.
Food and sleep are the first and most important parts of your child’s day. Lack of sleep and poor diet cause health problems and create negative life styles that can take decades to work through and can have long lasting negative health implications.
Most of us have had those difficult conversations with our children at meal times where we try to encourage them to eat healthily and try better foods. Invariably, the foods that they are attached to are heavy on salt, sugar and trans-fats. These are addictive substances and they are not easily put to one side.
Our children are not being stubborn, they are managing deep seated impulses to eat these substances. Substances they we gave them in the first place!
Once we understand this we are better placed to empathise with our children and support them in replacing old habits for new ones.
If you are sending your child into school with a packed lunch make sure it offers a balanced meal with plenty of proteins, carbohydrates and fibre and not too much sugar and fats – try not to include crisps, chocolate or too many processed foods-too much of these will inhibit your child’s learning in the afternoon by making them sluggish and tired.
And, as there are so many people who suffer with peanut allergies, why not cut these out of your child’s school diet too? You may be helping to keep another young person safer.
If you are wondering about how to introduce your child to a balanced diet and you have found this blog useful, why not check out for some seriously good ideas about feeding your children to help them through the day.
If you have found this blog useful and you would like some useful tips on how to have meaningful conversations with your child, around changing their diet or improving their sleep, then please do get in touch with me by phone or email.
I would be happy to talk you through some useful, compassionate and effective interventions.