Therapy for anxiety

Therapy for anxiety. I provide therapy for anxiety and some of my clients speak highly of the following intervention we have used together in our sessions, which, they say, has helped them analyse and offer care for anxious parts of themselves who need attention.

I offer this intervention now in this written form not for you to try by yourself but rather to give you an insight into a therapeutic intervention that can have a positive and lasting benifit. 

So, here we go. To set the scene, my client and I might gradually become aware that there a few anxious parts of their personality that have made themselves known to us and the session might continue in this way…..

“Which part do you feel might feel safe enough to do some work and you don’t need to tell me this stage. And you can see and feel that anxious part on one side of you or the other. And what I would like to invite you to do is to hold your hands out in front of you and seeing your hands apart, you might like to imaging this anxious part on one side of you or the other.

Can you see this part of you? I wonder if you would like to tell me what you were aware of?

Your breath? What do you notice in your face, your body and what does your voice sound like?”

Curiosity from me can naturally lead to a concerned curiosity from my client to that part of themselves that is anxious and worried. As we draw our work to a close, I might say,

“I’m aware there is so much you’ve got in touch with and that this part has really spoken to us.

And that this is a process that has begun and that your relationship with this part (I would honour that part with the story and experiences we have heard) is developing in new ways and I wonder what that part needs now in a way that will be beneficial to all parts of you?

Good. Now, bring your hand gently towards the warmth of your heart so that that part can feel accepted and seen, that’s right as you bring your hand to your heart all the way, with all parts working together as a team creating harmony and balance.

And as your other parts hear and understand this part in new and helpful ways this is a process that has begun and we can return to this in future sessions, so, where as in the past there may have been judgements around, now with new insights, feelings may emerge so what is in the past can be left in the past and what is no longer right for you can be left in the past.”

Thank you for reading this post, it is horrbile to have anxiety and it is possible to live life without it. I hope I have given some insight into some of the workings of the therapy I provide.

I would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to speak with me or email me to find out a little more about conselling and therapy.