Therapy for anxiety

Therapy for anxiety. I offer specialist counselling to individuals, couples, families and children where deep seated, chronic, anxiety exists and limits the life and relationships of those who suffer from it.  

Before you embark on therapy there are some simple things you can do that might make a positive difference and might go some way to alleviating you symptoms. 

So, here are some simple things you can do at home will help:

1. Relaxation techniques you can try at home.

Find a peaceful room away from distractions and let your mind clear and focus only on your breathing. Calmly breathe in and out from your diaphragm instead of your chest and after a time focus on each muscle group, one at a time, tensing and then relaxing the muscles, breathing out as you relax.

2. Diet

Your diet can definitely help improve your mood and help reduce mood swings.

  • Remember, sugar and caffeine are stimulants and taken in quantity (more than 3 cups of strong coffee a day) will probably make your anxiety worse.
  • Try and eat balanced meals at set times.
  • A healthy diet will give you with the strength to successfully handle stressful situations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right times will also help your body fit into healthy routines and patterns.

3. Take exercise

When we exercise we release a combination of helpful hormones, sugars, proteins that benefit us in numerous natural, real and measurable ways. If you are concerned about how much and what exercise is right for you come and consult your GP. They will be delighted you are showing an interest.

4. Keep a journal

Regularly writing down your experiences is a great way of gaining a new perspective on problems, making them easier to handle as you begin to identify patterns that do not serve you well. You can also remind yourself about the things you are grateful for. Each day you could identify three things you are grateful for.

5. Actively problem solve

When a problem seems insurmountable, it can become intimidating. We begin to ignore it or incorporate it into the way we live our daily lives. Firstly, try and identify the problem. List the possible solutions and the consequences of each one. This will give you clarity and focus.

And finally, don’t forget to…..Reward yourself!

Make a list of things you enjoy, from going for a walk, to reading a book, to going to the cinema. When you know you have stared down an old problem by using methods you have worked out for yourself, give yourself a well-earned pat on the back reward yourself with something healthy!

I would be pleased to hear from you and if you would like to find out more about therapy, please get in touch.