Teenage girls on the pill

Read the tabloids about teenage girls on the pill and see how they seek to vilify GPs who sensibly prescribe the pill to sexually active underage girls. By the time a GP meets with a girl who is looking for contraception the chances are she will have spent seven or eight years in school and thirteen years around folks who themselves have been though the school system.

What else are GPs supposed to do? They are the last, emergency stop, for a young person who has been in contact with numerous adults before they eventually meet their doctor. Adults who could have helped and supported them find a safer way of living before they eventually have their ten minute slot with their doctor.

Teenage girls on the pill are an issue for society, not just doctors and parents. If we prize the acquisition of knowledge that teaches the construction of an atom and how Jesus spent his final hours over how we relate to each other and create safe and meaningful relationships, we will continue to have worried teens who seek comfort from sex.

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