Specialist couples therapy

I provide specialist couples therapy and in this blog I explain what happens in couples therapy so you can decide if it is right for you and your partner. There are many things that can cause difficulties in relationships. For example, you may disagree about how you manage your children, you may have money problems, there may be differences in sexual desire and a difference of opinion about where you both live. In couples therapy we encourage both of you to speak about how you feel and what you need.

Sometimes, when people meet me for the first time, they bring a list either in their own minds or maybe they have written something down on paper because when arguments happen they feel confused and angry and what they need and want becomes lost in the heat of the argument. Whether you have a list or not, it does not matter because therapy will allow you to get in touch with what is happening for you and what you need from your partner.

Specialist couples therapy is about helping you both sensitively and respectfully signal what you want from your partner in ways that can be understood. Very often we can become angry and fearful when we have felt misunderstood and ignored. This can make us silent, if we are used to managing on our own, or loud, if we have a sense that we will be heard if we shout. Therapy is about helping you understand what your partner needs when they signal distress and it is about helping you respond in a timely and sensitive manner. 

Couples counselling will help you signal distress in ways that can be understood and interpreted by your partner. In therapy we look at managing and understanding blocks to clear and honest communications which might include strong feelings such as anxiety, anger and fear. We learn to develop nurturing communications by attuning to one another so we can understand each other’s behaviour when distress is signalled.

If you would like to talk to me about how specialist couples counselling can help you then why not call me or get in touch via email, I would be pleased to hear from you.