Reasons for bad behaviour in teenagers

Reasons for bad behaviour in teenagers and children. If your child is struggling in school or at home and you are looking for some counselling for them then this blog may help you decide if counselling is the way ahead for you. There are a number of reasons that children and young people find it hard to fit in and sometimes it can seem like their sole intention is to confuse, shame and frustrate you, however with a little help, things can change. And remember, if you are experiencing challenging behaviour from your child, it’s very likely that your child is feeling challenged.
Here are some examples of what might happen in a young person’s life to make them seem challenging and defiant. This list is by no means exhaustive and it is not intended that you should feel blamed, however, I have written this article to simply raise your awareness to some of the issues young people find tough, so here goes:

Some causes and reasons for bad behaviour in adolescents and children

1, Divorce and acrimonious separation – as tough as it may be to hear, especially if you are in an unhappy relationship, the impact of divorce on your children is massive. It can be made even worse if parents fight with each other and each parent or just one parent wants the children to take their side.
2, A belief that one parent is not pulling their weight within the family and seeing the other parent in stressed and resentful states.
3, Exposure to parental infidelity.
4, Moving school and the threat of change.
5, Unhappy parent/s or parents with mental health problems such as depression and or anxiety or a parent or parents with an addiction.
6, The incarceration of a parent.
7, Exposure directly or in directly to substance misuse
8, Bereavement
9, Living with domestic violence or living in violent surroundings
10, Directly or indirectly experiencing abuse, either sexual, neglect or violence.

How it effects us

Sometimes we feel guilty if we know that our children are exposed to difficult adult relationships. This guilt is born from the innate desire we all have as parents to protect our children from harm. Over time this guilt can turn to frustration, particularly if we are unable to make other people see what harm they are doing.
This frustration can turn onto our children as, try as we might, we cannot shift the feeling that without them we would not be feeling guilty for being a bad parent.
If you are in this place you might also be feeling trapped and maybe even a little depressed.

Help is at hand

If you are interested in finding how counselling can help you or someone you love then please get in touch. I am always happy to talk out through the counselling process and outline the services I offer.