My teenage daughter is sexually active

Sometimes, confidence around sexual partners is not what it seems. if you find yourself saying, My teenage daughter is sexually active then read on. We can reframe what is happening for her. I have begun to meet regularly with a very likeable and capable young person who is precocious in his advances to people he finds attractive.

I saw him as strong and driven but lacking in his understanding of how intimidating his behaviour can be. His behaviour makes him comical to older girls and threatening you younger girls. I have a fear that the only girls he has relationships with are emotionally vulnerable, unable to protect themselves appropriately, and prepared to do anything for companionship.

Yesterday, we spoke about his family. As he talked about the people in his family it became apparent that he barely sees his father of whom he has an idealised image. He describes his mother as either absent or demanding of him and giving little back in the way of hugs, time and mature guidance.

Suddenly, my understanding of him changed. The relationships he seeks from others are not about him “Living The Life” as he would say but rather about him finding closeness.

This new understanding of him has informed the way I need to be with him. We will finish our current batch of sessions, however, I am mindful that he may need us to work together again. With that in mind I shall be careful how I manage our ending and as our relationship develops I hope that he will become more mindful of his own needs and how best he can meet them.

Of course, my new understanding of this young man has enabled me to see the bigger picture in that believing there is a simple connection between behaviour and motives is misleading and can cause misunderstandings that effect the way we conduct ourselves around the people we look after.

Whether it’s girls or boys, a high sex drive may be connected to the way them feel about themselves and how they go about making themselves feel better.

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