My daughter has constant stomach aches

Are you saying to yourself My daughter has constant stomach aches or do you know someone who has tummy problems or headaches and doctors seem unable to find the cause? Interpreting children’s presentations is essential if we are not just to fix the symptom but look to treat the underlying cause.

If we simply look to treat children’s behaviour then the young people we care for can feel as if they are misunderstood and an inconvenience to the smooth running of a family or organisation.

True feelings can become more confusing and more problematic for young people to carry especially if they believe they are alone with them. Anxiety and depression can take hold and when you are anxious and depressed everything seems so much harder.

Imagine a busy classroom where you feel alone and unheard. Imagine feeling like every other child in the class is lucky because they seem…happy, you might end up saying, “My teachers have put me on red card because they want to stop me calling out. I call out because my feelings are getting the better of me and I can’t settle.”

This way of relating (treating the symptom, in this case calling out in class) becomes internalised and the young person can themselves attempt to turn their back on their true feelings, viewing them as irritating, inconvenient and dangerous to them.

Where do these feelings end up? Where most things end up if we swallow them…in our stomachs.

Trying to remove unwanted behaviour without looking at what function the behaviour serves may create a more damaging internalised presentation like tummy aches or head aches.

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