Marriage counselling

Marriage counselling. What is a healthy relationship? If you are confused and stuck and not sure if what’s happening should be happening this blog will tell you a little bit more about what you might expect a healthy relationship to look like

To begin with, here’s how a good relationship work: 

  • There is an equal share of power.
  • Each of you feels OK and safe to challenge and disagree with the other.
  • Disagreements are discussed, each of you feels confident to adopt the other person’s view point or stay with your own.
  • There is no animosity but acceptance and understanding and respect when discussion takes place and disagreements remain.
  • Each of you feels respected and valued.
  • When mistakes are made, support is offered in a non-shaming, non-violent, non-blaming atmosphere enabling the person who is mistaken to learn and grow from the experience of being supported by the other.
  • Tolerance and Kindness underpin the view one has of the other.
  • Boundaries are clear and when one of you feels unhappy matters are discussed in an atmosphere that does not indicate that the unhappy partner is right but rather they are seeking understanding and clarification. 

Sometimes it seems impossible to think that we could be in a relationship that contains any of these principles but it is possible to make positive changes, even if only one of you is committed to the idea.

Change is possible and it is usually easier than you think.

If you would like an opportunity to talk about how you might bring your relationship in line with these ideals then why not send me a text or an email, giving me as little or as much detail as you would like.