Marriage counselling in Poole and Bournemouth

Are you interested in seeing what couple counselling or marriage counselling can do  for your relationship? Are you looking for Marriage counselling in Poole and Bournemouth and do you need another pair of eyes and an impartial helper to see you through some tough times? Well here’s what could happen.

A couple counsellor will not take sides.

You may feel that you need to try your hardest to put your side of the arguments forward clearly so the therapist can see that you are in the “The Right” and back you up in your place of rightness against your partner.

This won’t happen.

Your therapist is there to listen and help you understand how you are making sense of your relationship.

In this way you are able to review how you both see each other and re-organise what you need from each other accordingly.

The following piece has been written by three people. Two parents and their two adult children. It was written after four months of therapy. Four months of hard work.

It is a message to each other that they see each other and understand each other’s struggles.

It shows they have changed.

It shows they understand.

It shows how therapy can bring powerful changes into people’s lives.

The piece is called “Family” and I am humbled by the struggle each of them has undertaken to be here today.


Imagine this, a priest in 1960s Ireland meets a younger woman. They have sex and she gets pregnant.

This is difficult for them both.

Eventually he is excommunicated and they both leave Ireland forever and move to 1960s London where there are signs on the windows of boarding houses that say, “No black, No Irish, No dogs”.

Anxiety and depression? These sensations do not being to sum up how they both feel.

Things look bad and as they find a bedsit in North London….they have a baby girl.

Back in Ireland both families are in turmoil, they do not speak to each other and their communities are ripped apart by the scandle. Her parents kill themselves, unable to hold their heads up in the small town they live in.

His parents are beyond disappointment, he was the youngest boy, the one who was given the money and education. The one who should have escaped the poor rural life the rest of his family had lived before him.

Back in London the pair marry and survive….well.

He becomes an accountant; she sets up a successful mobile catering company.

They have another child, a girl.

Then, when things are going…..OK-ish…. he is asked to relocate to another part of the UK. She does not want to do this as she likes London and does not want to leave her business or friends.

He wins, they move but in the process the cracks that have always existed between the two become chasms….they split.

She teaches her daughters to be strong, self-sufficient, and successful, to rely on no one….no man, not to be anxious…not to be depressed.

When I work this week in Bournemouth, Poole or Dorset as a counsellor, couple counsellor, teenage and adolescent counsellor, family counsellor, family therapist…


Family counselling and marriage guidance, marriage counselling, teenage counselling and adolescent counselling and Marriage counseling in Poole and Bournemouth.

I may use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Psychodrama, Person Centered Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Solution Focused Therapy, Integrative Therapy or Family Therapy or Attachment Theory…

I am mindful that I am not delivering a program, I am working with people, who, just like me, need to feel a connection before they embark on counselling.