Marriage counselling in Poole and Bournemouth

This is part two of a two piece blog I have written about Marriage counselling in Poole and Bournemouth, the following is a continuation of the blog previous to this one. I recommend you read it.

A boy raised in Africa comes to the UK when he is six or seven. His dad stays in Africa and re-marries; his mother falls apart and develops depression and a mean streak.

Think Miss Faversham with attitude.

He goes to a boarding school straight away, far away, and, after leaving his country, his father and his mother….he shuts down and locks the world away.

For decades he stays away from the world and when he is forced to re-join it when school ends when he is 18 he knows without a doubt that he hasn’t a clue…about anything.

Heroin beckons….

He tumbles through life with nothing but with negativity, loneliness and depression and even these terrible companions are unknown to his conscious mind as he has used such strong medicine to manage himself.

As can be imagined he has terrible relationships, one “happens” when he is 23.

He becomes a father…can you imagine? A father? What could he possibly teach any one?

He has a little girl. He tries hard but he inevitably hurts her mother and his daughter in the process.

He gets older and starts to run out of steam.

When he is 29 he begins the difficult process of starting to live.

His choices are cumbersome, wrong, fraught with difficulties but at least they are his choices.

He loves his daughter….that is for sure.

He marries the girl whose mother taught her to stand on her own two feet.

His daughter learns from her. Her own mother is sad and lost, somewhat like her father, the boy from Africa, but a lot less damaged…somehow.

Now many years later the man/boy’s daughter is going to have a child.

He is delighted because he has healed a good deal.

The teachings from Ireland reverberate through the years.

From another country comes the sound of independence and confidence necessary for all strong life.

His daughter will not be the same person her mother was and she will not marry the same person her father was.

Across the ocean, across politics, religious difference, comes salvation.

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