Local counselling services

It can be a daunting task trawling through the websites of counsellors when you are searching for good therapy, particularly as this area is lucky enough to have a number of very good counselling training centres.
The knock-on effect being that there are quite a few counsellors in the area for you to consider.
How do you know what to look for in terms of qualifications and experience?
How do you know if what is claimed on someone’s website is true or is even relevant for you?
As a rule of thumb, choose a therapist who has reached Accreditation status with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, they are currently the largest counselling membership organisation in the UK and are working closely with government to ensure that all kinds of therapy, from psychology and CBT to counselling and hypnotherapy are regulated.
Why not take a look at this link, it explains the process further:
Once you have chosen a few Accredited therapists from the long list available take a look at the training they have undertaken, remember that in order for a counsellor to maintain their accreditation status they must undergo professional development every year.
If you have found this article useful then you are welcome to give me a call, I have been a qualifies counsellor for over 15 years. We can talk about counselling and the other therapeutic options open to you and I can talk you through the counselling process and how it differs from psychiatry and psychology.
I support children and teenagers, individuals and families to understand what is happening for them. Together we have healed wounds and created a better, more comfortable, life.