Is breast feeding better than formula?

Is Breast feeding better than formula? This question assumes that all mothers are able to choose between breast feeding and bottle feeding. Because this is not the case society might be more mindful about having such a binary debate on this issue and instead we might have a more nuanced narrative about how best to feed our children.

An article appeared in The Times over the weekend written by Kat Lay where she detailed the results of  research that suggested that, contrary to popular opinion, there is evidence to say that breast fed babies are not likely to be more intelligent than bottle fed babies.

Thank heaven for Rosmary Dodds, senior policy advisor for NCT, quoted at the end of the article, said, “Studies like this are confusing for parents….” Indeed they are, what matters more than anything for babies is the wellbeing of mum and dad. 

In terms of a child’s wellbeing, intelligence, health, social status and financial position come a distant second place to the importance of the connectedness of a child’s parents. We don’t raise happy people on brains alone, nor can we ensure that we have created decent, honest citizens by virtue of the fact they have been raised in an affluent environment.

If you would like to raise a calm, reflective, honest child then do not focus on distractions like whether or not your child has been breast fed but rather ensure that they have the care and attention of two parents who:

1, Have planned for their arrival.

2, Are able to incorporate a child into their relationship in a balanced and measured way.

3, View parenting as long term commitment.

4, Understand that you never stop being present in your child’s life, you just change the way you engage with them in response to the age they are. 

What do you think? Is breast feeding better than formula? Well, if you have found this blog is useful because you are struggling with breast feeding or you are wondering about your child’s behaviour then maybe you might consider contacting me and we can talk you options though.

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