How do you cope with the end of a relationship?

We can feel panic and fear when meaningful relationships come to an end. We can feel unlovable and ugly and we can feel as if our ex-partner is more equipped to deal with life than we are. Sometimes it can be hard to keep going forward with an uncertain future we believe will be so full of fear and pain. We can feel as if our ex-partner, or departed friend, has all the answers and will be able to negotiate life, effortlessly, leaving us behind. In this way we can feel that we will fall to the bottom of everything and become invisible. We ask people around us, How do you cope with the end of a relationship? and we hope the answer is as easy as baking a cake.  

Realise that these feelings, however difficult and hurtful they become to you, are normal and are part of the grieving process. However, if you believe these feelings are true without any sense within you that, “I only feel this way because I am grieving”, then maybe it’s time you talked to a counsellor.

Also, if, after a few weeks, you become “stuck” with the way you see things and feel things and you cannot move forward, rest a while and reflect on the journey you have made since loss became your companion. If there is really no change then maybe it’s time you thought about seeing a counsellor.

A counsellor can help you understand how you came to feel the way that you do.

They can help you move forward.

If you have found this blog speaks about some of the things you have been thinking, like How do you cope with the end of a relationship? Then maybe you might consider contacting me, we can talk about counselling and the other therapeutic options you have available to you.

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