Help for Health Anxiety

Help for Health Anxiety. If you have a permanent fear that there is something very wrong with you, something that your doctors are unable to find and treat then there maybe a possibility that you have a health anxiety. This is a serious and unpleasant condition which has probably lead you feel that you have become a nuisance to you GPs and you may even feel that the doctors there have lost their patience with you.

Perhaps every time you receive the all clear from your doctors you feel fine for a few days but then soon your deep rooted fears creep back, under pinned by a firm idea that all the times you were worried before were fantasy but this time you really do have something wrong with you and your recent all clear from your doctors will make it hard to be taken seriously by them making an early diagnosis out of reach.

Health anxiety, like all anxieties, makes it nearly impossible for us to live in the moment because we are so anxious.

Life seems to be happening one second in front or one second behind the moment you live in. I have heard people describe health anxiety feeling like you are stuck behind a piece of glass; everybody can see you and thinks you’re fine but in fact you are not fine, you are lonely and scared because nobody seems to be able to, or cares enough, to reach you.
As every new worry about your body surfaces, your heart races as your mind refuses to listen to the quiet voice of reason you still retain. Your sleep is interrupted by fear and loneliness and you listen to your heart for signs of disease, signs of death.

If fear is your constant companion, making life outside of your anxiety seem impossible to connect with, then maybe you might consider counselling for your health anxiety.

I have successfully supported people understand what is happening to them, interrupt the intrusive thoughts that terrify them and together we have created a better life for them.

I would be glad to hear from you by phone or email if you would like to find another way of living, away from health anxiety.