Green for Grenfell 

#greenforgrenfell  Wear Green for Grenfell today #greenforgrenfell in solidarity for the families and community of shepherds bush and Latimer. Go to Community centre and put your name down for voluntary service on the volunteers list. Pay respects to the tributes that have been left, including the heart-breaking T-shirts written on by members of the fire service.

Absorb the energy of a community that has been traumatised and in doing so do what you can to relive this community of some of this energy by taking it away when you leave. Remember that when you are going about your daily business during the days, the weeks and months to come, that Latimer will be living with this tower block in this condition as the authorities, who have already been less than honest and fair, carry out their own investigations and draw their conclusions, in their own way and on their own terms, that will affect this community for ever.

Wear green for Grenfell today and stand behind this community as it heals itself.

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