Do you believe in Father Christmas?

Do you believe in Father Christmas? Do you tell your children that he comes every Christmas Eve to deliver toys? It’s an odd thing that most of us defend the right of young children to be ignorant of the facts. Even older brothers and sisters maintain the myth.

Is it innocence we are protecting or does this rite of passage mark the boundaries of childhood? It’s interesting to note that even if you live in a children’s home, and you have looked through an Argos catalogue with your key worker, identifying presents, up to a certain value, that you know she will buy with money your social worker has allocated to you, you will still have a vague belief that Santa has been to your room and delivered your presents.

I know a very strong Jamaican woman whom I respect. We were discussing Santa and the Elves and she told me that her children never believed in Father Christmas, “Do you think I’m spending all my money and telling them someone else did it?!” I see her point.

Lie to children and you will incur their wrath and indignation. Make them look silly and they will mistrust you, yet somehow they accept the Father Christmas story.

When my son finally realises the reality behind Father Christmas, I wonder how he will feel. I suppose it depends on how he finds out. However, I don’t think he will berate us for too long for fooling him, rather, I think, after a short time, he will he will understand why we maintained the myth, why we passed on the knowledge.

I believe the thing that will most impact on him is realising that he can never return to that place of believing in Father Christmas.

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