Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation. You may think that the last thing you want to do is to sit in the same room as the person you are about to separate from and have mediation.

I provide a cost effective and child focused approach to mediation where I share with you the latest research in what is best for you children and teach you how to help them prepare them for what is to come with attachment focused, research based, interventions that minimise the harm divorce can bring to your children’s lives.

It is reasonable to suppose that your soon-to-be-separated-from partner has similar concerns to you and that the mediator you are working with knows this. Divorce mediation, used wisely, is an excellent way to get your affairs settled with a skilled, neutral third party who recognises that both of you are feeling vulnerable and anxious about each other and about the process.

Divorce mediation works if you represent yourself with honesty and dignity and supports you to receive what represents a just an right part of your ending relationship.

Money, your children, your belongings and your property may all be on the agenda in divorce mediation. Your mediator knows that these are the things you hold most dear to your heart and will not be looking to find a quick solution to your affairs but rather will be seeking to help you both find reasonable, comfortable ways through your troubles that leave you both feeling heard and represented.

Divorce mediation comes at a time in your life when you most need the help of a skilled, trained, helper. If you are searching the net for divorce mediation and you have found this blog useful then why not give me a call, I can tell you about the services I provide for families at this time and you can spend as long as you need finding out about mediation.