Counselling in Poole

There are a lot of Counsellors in Poole because there was a successful College of Counselling attached to Bournemouth and Poole College, you may have discovered this is you googled Counselling in Poole. Unfortunately the College is no more but there is lots of Counselling in Poole because the people who took the courses are still around and practicing in the area .

How do you choose from all the profiles of counsellors who advertise on the net?

Well, here’s a few suggestions that will get you started. Think about what you would like to speak about and whether or not it would be better for you to see a man or a woman. Just because you get on better with one or the other sex might not mean that you should choose this sex for your therapist.

Have a look at the training level of the Counsellors in Poole you find on the net.  Ideally you might have Counselling in Poole with a therapist who is Accredited with the BACP or UKCP and have a number of years practice behind them.

Maintaining Accreditation status can only be done if on-going professional development is undertaken by the counsellor so if you find some therapists you like the look of, find out what they have training in and find out if this resonates with you.

Take a look at this link to familiarise yourself with the expectations the BACP places upon all accredited counsellors counselling in Poole

Counsellors, like most other people, have their good points and bad. Overall the most important thing to bear in mind is, “Will I get on with this person?” Not as a friend but rather as someone you can trust to help you understand yourself and you life.

Take a look at this link to see what the NHS has to say about counselling in Poole and everywhere else.

Remember, you have the ultimate say about who you work with so…….take a look at Google, be choosey and…….

Have a go!

If you would like a free initial consultation, give me a call, text or email, counselling can help you come to terms with the new place you are in.

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