Counselling for the elderly

In this age of equal representation one might wonder why we need to provide specific therapy for the elderly. But remember it hasn’t always been this way. If you are female, aged 70+ and are single, through divorce or bereavement, you may have a generational gender narrative based on old social rules, rules from a different era.

These rules are simple and confining. They state that you are not as capable as men, you must remain your husband’s rock and support come what may and as your husband’s partner you are secondary to his primacy.

There are different social expectations in some parts of the world today but if you are 70+ that was the social context you were born into.

Today this may have impacted on your confidence and your ability to express yourself authentically, you might feel:

Nervous about the future because you are fearful about representing yourself adequately if and when you move from independent living into a residential setting. Fearful about being seen as unable to function independently if you speak about what is in your heart e.g. pain over the loss of your family through death or re-location, anxiety about infirmity, fear about institutionalisation and fear of your own death etc Confusion and anxiety about how to plan for the future

How might you address your loneliness or become more assertive and adopt more useful ways of representing yourself?

And how might you talk about what is really happening for you rather than simply smiling nicely and saying, “I’m fine, I’ll go on forever!”.

If you have found this blog speaks about some of the things you have been thinking about, maybe you might consider contacting me, we can talk about counselling and the other therapeutic options you have available to you.