Counselling for sickness phobia

What causes a sickness phobia? Is there effective help available in the form of meaningful counselling for sickness phobia? Can hypnotherapy work for sickness phobia. Insecurities about our health, including sickness phobia, can usually be traced back to a difficult time or times in the past when we were young and far less able to help ourselves through hard events.

This means that our anxieties, particularly long standing anxiety, probably might not originate in our present day. To know and understand this is a good thing, it means that a younger part of ourselves is still working hard to make things ok for us, our adult selves, today and helping this younger part feel understood and safer today is what counselling for sickness phobia is about.

If you have sickness phobia it tells me that you are probably anxious about being sick all the time and on high alert and you might also suffer from panic attacks when you feel your surroundings are unmanageable and you cannot adequately enough protect yourself from being sick.

You may have concerns about:

1, Getting tummy bugs and someone being sick around you.
2, Finding a safe place to vomit if you need to without people seeing you. This might mean that you are fearful of events and activities such as dinner parties, being in public places (particularly where food is being served), weddings and the going to the cinema.
3, You may have panic attacks and feel completely overwhelmed with fear if you feel trapped in a place and unable to make a suitable plan to be sick in private if you need to.
4, If you are a woman you may not want to be pregnant for fear of morning sickness and for fear of managing a baby who probably will be sick.
5, You might be more comfortable walking round the streets after it has rained heavily. In this way any vomit on the pavements would be more likely to be swept away so you do not see it.
6, Sell by dates on food items would become important to you.
7, Using public transport that could cause you to feel queasy would be threatening and you would avoid this.

This list is not exhaustive and if you have sickness phobia you could most likely add to it as you think about the measures you take to ensure you do not vomit in public.                                                                                 Usually when I work with people who suffer with sickness phobia we find that there is a very strong belief that being sick in public will bring shame and humiliation to us and these two terrible feelings make us certain that no one will like us and we will be abandoned.

Does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is one of the interventions I might discuss with a person suffering with sickness phobia as I have seen it work first hand. Hypnotherapy works best if the process is explained thoroughly and a person is at liberty to take part in it or not.

What happens if I don’t want hypnotherapy?

Not everyone is comfortable with this approach and there are other ways of helping sufferers of sickness phobia. One this is certain, nothing happens and no therapy takes place until we are both clear on where it is going and how we will get there.

If you are suffering with sickness phobia or someone you love is suffering with it, please feel free to give me a call or get in touch via email and we can take our time to talk through your options about finding newer more helpful ways of being.