Counselling for PTSD

Counselling for PTSD. Unfortunately it is very common for people who have experienced trauma, whether or not they are an adult or a teenager, to experience PTSD.
If you have any of the following symptoms then it might be that you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

  • Do you frequently review the events of the assault, including the lead up, and feel angry at yourself that you did not see what was going to happen or you did not fight off your attacker or attackers?
  • Do you suddenly find yourself feeling as if you are in the middle of the event once again with your heart racing, your skin sweating and do you feel your face twisted in anxiety and distress?
  • Are you having nightmares either about the event or night terrors in general?
  • Have you found yourself actively avoiding busy places?
  • Are you feeling separated or somehow disconnected from loved ones?
  • Is touch difficult for you?
  • Are you feeling angry and guilty, hopeless, stuck and depressed?
  • Has your sleep been affected and do you have angry, irritable outbursts with friends and family?
  • Have you found that you are frequently looking out for danger, (this is called hyper vigilance)?
  • Have you found that you have become easily startled and, when you are startled, have you found that your heart is racing and you have shortness of breath?

If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions, and these symptoms have been going on for a number of weeks without you feeling they are getting any better, then there is a possibility that you have PTSD.
Help is at hand and it is easier than you may imagine.
The counselling I provide will help you stop reviewing these events by enabling you to interrupt the self-punishing feelings and thoughts you are having and replacing them with safer, more helpful, messages that you will help you overwrite the trauma of the past.

Please contact me if you would like help.