Counselling for panic attacks and anxiety

Counselling for panic attacks and anxiety. I provide specialist counselling services for panic attacks and chronic anxiety and in this blog I review some of the help currently available to sufferers.

In 2016 the BBC focused on and reviewed the mental health in children and adults and was difficult to hear what they wrote about and broadcast. Not only because the stories that were aired were heart-breaking but also because the provision for mental health, not only in this country but around the world, seem to be not entirely sucessful. 

Why not listen to listen to Unhappy Child Unhealthy Adult –

People, who are experiencing problems that are obviously not physical, being passed between A&E and police cells because there is nowhere within the system that can look after them properly. Women with postnatal depression having to cope on their own with depression while trying to raise a baby – the most important job in the world. And young people, marginalised, medicalised and problematized, they disappear from view as they fall down into the cracks, more accurately described as the yawning abyss, in the system…Yes it’s been hard to listen to the radio recently.

To families who are suffering because they do not know how to interpret the behaviour of one of their own or who face terrible difficulties alone, there can seem to be no support at all. However, counselling, with the right therapist can offer a way through. It is less about diagnosing and working to generic treatment plans and more about offering a no-blame, responsive, encouraging and nurturing place where understanding and healing can happen.

If you have found this blog useful, and you have identified with the way help is provided, and you would like to find out what effective counselling can do for you or someone you care about then why not get in touch with me and we can speak about counselling and the other courses of action open to you if you are experiencing panic attacks and anxiety.