Counselling for exam stress

Counselling for exam stress. I provide specialist counselling services for children and young people including counselling for exam stress in Poole and Bournemouth. This blog is about the pressure schools and young people are under to succeed and achieve.

If you have a family member who is about to enter the exam season then you will most likely be aware of the pressure that all our young people are under at the moment to succeed and achieve the goals that have been set for them by the schools they attend.

Clearly a great deal of importance is placed on the exam results that are published at the end of the summer for both the student and the school they attend. The pressure is not only felt by students and schools. For example, there is so much pressure on schools to achieve good results that students who have grown up in an area, have gone to the local primary school and then gone to the local secondary school, but who do not achieve the results that are needed by their secondary school to enter the sixth form, may not be offered a place in sixth form and may find themselves in the difficult position of either having to find a Further Education provider further away or perhaps they may have to think about moving on to vocational training. Therefore families and communities will also feel the impact of the results at the end of the summer.

Some students who perhaps do not do as well academically as others but who have been able to succeed in other ways in school (perhaps they may have forged a meaningful relationship with a member of staff) might have to severe the bonds they have made. In the recent past schools have been one of the key environments that support services have used to identify unhappy young people. There is a case to be made that the senior management in most schools have less and less time to devote to other areas of the school, such as pastoral care and the emotional development of their students because their hands are tied to some extent by the pressure brought to bear on them by the DfE to produce results on results day.

So, perhaps, with more focus on education and the curriculum there is less time to focus on “the whole child”. If schools do not have as much opportunity as before to engage with students on a holistic basis, important details might be missed

Take for example a simple matter like registering a tutor group in the morning. Form tutors have around 15 minutes every day to see and speak with as many as thirty students in their tutor group. There is a case to be made that in the past this time was used to prepare the students for the day. It was a time that a teacher was able to learn about their tutor group in an environment that encouraged discussion and conversation. Today, that same 15 minutes may be taken up with more curriculum based matters and so discussion may be brief and tutors may be seen as less of an adult point of safety and more as an information issuer. If school busyness has replaces school business, relationships with vulnerable young people who are quiet or withdrawn might suffer.

So, this is more than a time for exams. This is a time for us all to be aware that the younger generations are in the process of taking part in a hugely competitive race where your circumstances have no bearing on how you will be judged.

If you have found this blog useful and would like to find out what counselling for exam stress can do for you or someone you care about then why not get in touch with me and we can speak about counselling and the other courses of action open to you. Across Bournemouth and Poole I have enabled young people, couples and families and individuals to understand what is happening for them and together we have created a better life.

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