Counselling for domestic abuse survivors in Bournemouth

I am a therapist working in Dorset. I offer specialist Counselling for domestic abuse survivors in Bournemouth as well as providing therapy for children, teenagers, adults couple and families. I hope this short blog provides some insight into the long term effects of living in a abusive relationship. It might make difficult reading but help is out there because there are a good number of services in our community that can offer real support if you are able to take that first step and ask for help.  

If we perceive a threat our bodies release chemicals such as adrenalin, fatty acids and glucose into our blood stream enabling a fight or flight response. Reproductive systems are put on hold, blood is taken away from the skin and our brains become more alert but less attuned to pain.

In this state we are prepared to fight or to run.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to run. They are trapped at home, at work or in the playground. In this state their bodies become stressed, blood pressure rises and memory systems are organised, activating and absorbing frightening incidents in every detail making the fight or flight state more accessible earlier on if the same danger presents itself in the future.

Life is full of challenges. Those us who have been nurtured through the trials and preasures of early life are more able to deal with stress as we get older because we are able to use our brains to think through difficult situations.

Those of us who have been raised by stress find it much easier to automatically activate the fight or flight response in stressful situations.

For example, being exposed to a parent who has road rage and or being exposed to parents who fight with each other are but two examples of stress in our early life that can give us a shorter fuse in later life when the same situations are acted out before us when we are grown up.

Abuse does not just happen, as long as we are respectful, considerate and thoughtful ,we are not responsible for the actions of anybody else, particularly those people who lash out at us and treat us as objects rather than the living, loving, wonderful people we are.

This is a very short, very brief, blog about the long term effects of domestic abuse. If you have been exposed to long term verbal of physical violence then I am sure will be familiar with what I have written. So, if you have found this blog speaks about some of the things you or someone you love or care about is currently trying to deal with them maybe you might consider contacting me, we can talk about counselling and the other therapeutic options you have available to you, a good deal of which are free of charge.

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