Counselling for anxiety and panic attacks

I provide Counselling for anxiety and panic attacks. In this article I have detailed a very simple yet effective way for you to help yourself manage a panic attack if you are surprised by one. The more you practice it the more it will work. So, why not find a safe quiet place now that you can relax in for the next ten minutes or so and try out some simple but easy self-hypnosis.

Learning the fundamentals of focusing on feeling safe when you are feeling worried or anxious is easy to learn. There are a number of ways you can start. One of the simplest ways is to start by taking in a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Breathe in slowly and count to five as you do so then breathe out and count to thirteen and as you let your breath go imagine all the stress and anxiety leaving your body with the air you exhale.

As you continue to take these relaxing, comfortable breaths, I wonder if you would like to bring your thumbs and index fingers together easily and effortlessly and make two circles.

Now, while you are focusing on your breathing, I would like to invite you to imagine or pretend that you fingers are stuck together as if a magnetic force is gently keeping them connected.

Now as you breathe slowly and calmly, releasing all unnecessary tension from your thoughts and your body, you continue to feel more and more relaxed and as the air leaves your body I would like to invite you to think of a comforting word like “peace” or “breathe” or any other word that helps you to relax.

It is ok, now, if you close your eyes at this point and focus on your breathing and the word that you have chosen to say when you breath out to enhance the feeling of relaxation and of letting go of all unnecessary stress and tension in your thoughts and in your body.

Now I’d like to invite you to bring to mind a time or place, moment or experience where you feel very safe. This may be real or imaginary or a mixture of both, you choose, and as you keep your fingers together and continue to breathe, comfortably and slowly, focus on the sights and sounds, smells and textures and anything else about your place of safety that enables you to feel very safe and very comfortable.

Now, as you imagine your place of safety and comfort, notice again your breathing and your fingers and thumbs touching together, and the word that you say to enhance the feelings of comfort and relaxation, which is a really helpful way of reconnecting you to this place of peace and safety and relaxation whenever you need to, safely and quickly.

All you have to do is to bring your fingers together, making your magnetic circle, take in a few deep cleansing breaths, as you have done, breathe out your choice of healing word and take your mind to your favourite place of safety and comfort with all the sights and sensations you would like to bring to your attention that feel healing and calming now and later.

Now, I would like to invite you to release your fingers and thumbs in your own time. Take in one more healing, cleansing, breath and as you do so return to the here and now. Now look around you and as you do so realise that you can return to your place of safety whenever you like or whenever you want to by making a magnetic circle, breathing and as you breathe out say your word that helps you to take yourself to your place of safety and comfort.

If you have found this blog useful and would like to find out what counselling can do for you or someone you care about then why not get in touch with me and we can speak about counselling and the other courses of action open to you.