Counselling and immigration

Since the referendum I have spoken to a number of young people whose parents brought them to this country as refugees from, amongst other places, Kosovo, Somalia, Serbia, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Kurdistan and Afghanistan. These children are fearful because the UK has voted to leave the EU. They are afraid that their status here is no longer secure. Their fear comes from the confusion, worry and anxiety their parents now feel because of this vote to leave the EU. Their fear cements the relationship between counselling and immigration.

Have you seen the pictures in the newspapers and in online news feeds of reactionary right wing groups meeting and marching? Their angry faces betray the fear that has lived inside them since they, too, were children.

It is a fear for many things that they cannot name.

These unhappy people come together and get angry together for all the violations that were committed against them when they were small.

It is the most negative of self-help groups and, as they trick themselves into thinking that all their woes are from without not from within, they are helped to take the moral high ground by politicians who search for money and power to sooth their own lonely nights and from media sources whose sole intent is to sell product to keep their shareholders happy.

Now, this mele of negativity, deceit and defeat unites and scares the Children of World.

Counselling and immigration have never been so closely linked as they are today.

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