Coping with exam stress

Now the exam season has started please take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of our year 11s. They represent the nations young.  In our adult working world employers have considerable responsibility to safeguard the mental health of their employees. No such overt legislation exists for young people and I am thinking particularly about how our year elevens and how they are Coping with exam stress.

Exams are stressful.

Let us change the scenario so we can empathise a little more.

Imagine a parallel world where you, as a child, have to take part in track and field events that will determine everything about your future.

  1. Do you have an athletic build?
  2. Would you be able to afford the very best food and supplements to ensure your body is in peak condition?
  3. Do you have access to the best training facilities? The best coaches? Does your culture prize athletic achievement above all else providing you with all the means to succeed?
  4. Are you able to commit to all the training you would have to do to ensure success? Perhaps you have been taken into care and you have other things on your mind like “Will my mum be safe tonight?”, “Do I know where my other brothers and sisters are?”
  5. Do you have a disability that precludes you from being able to compete as other able bodied people compete? Perhaps you have asthma, perhaps you can’t see.
  6. What will happen to your place in your friendship group if your friends do better than you?

The list could go on.

In this world you would be completely unable to stop this relentless qualification of your worth through athletic achievement.

How would that be for you? Do you feel it is fair? Remember there would be no recourse to any remedy in law that would enable you to take action against the status quo if you felt the system stacked against you.   

If you have found this blog is useful because your children are Coping with exam stress then maybe you might consider contacting me and we can talk you options though.

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