Bereavement Counselling in Bournemouth

I provide Bereavement Counselling in Bournemouth and Poole. I also provide counselling for young people, individuals and couples. I have written this blog to help you decide if you need bereavement counselling or not. A well respected study in the US carried out over a number of years discovered that most people are able to work through most kinds of bereavement in their own way. It also showed that bereavement counselling immediately after a major loss can cause more harm than good in up to 40% of cases.

The principle to remember is that in the main we all have ways to deal with pain and bereavement counselling can, in some cases, interrupt the brain’s natural healing process.

This applies to soldiers in the field who witness tragedy and civilians who are involved in the many disasters that befall humanity on a daily basis from earthquakes to RTAs to plane disasters to family break ups.

The golden rule ought to be…

Have you tried to get through your difficulties on your own?

How much time have you allowed the process and do you feel you are moving forward positively, however slowly it might feel?

Sometimes we do get stuck in pain and it hurts, confuses and blinds us to the rest of life.

It is for these times that bereavement counselling is essential.

It is for these cases Counselling is ideal.

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