My husband has no feelings for me anymore


I was having a conversation with an intelligent young woman today. She remarked that men seldom leave their partners unless they have taken up with another woman. Further, she said that women are more often able to leave their partners and live on their own. We were wondering are men really from Mars and women from Venus?She wondered, “does my my husband have any feelings for me anymore?”

If this is the case then it has implications. For example, how will either sex know how to relate accurately to the other sex?

How would we, the young woman and myself, know how to respond and understand each other accurately? If this is the case, counselling and most other relationship based endeavours, is presented with a big, maybe the biggest, hurdle.

We also wondered that this might not be the case and that we are the same under the skin but the emotional differences we perceive between the sexes have been generated by social narratives. We wondered that the role women have played, being mother to the world, for generations has rubbed off on both sexes. We wondered if men leave their partners to move in with another woman in the same way that a young man, in late adolescents might leave home and mother’s apron strings.