Am I Depressed?

Am I depressed? I provide cost effective counselling for depression as well as providing counselling for children and young people, individuals, couples and families. This blog is about depression and the unhappiness and sorrow it brings to a person’s life. If my words resonate with you because you have been struggling with depression then take some time out and be kind to yourself in ways that are right for you.

Depression feels like life is happily happening for everyone else and leaving us behind. It makes us feel as if we have failed at life and that we have allowed all the opportunities that have come our way to slip through our fingers. It weighs us down with feelings of pointlessness and anxiety and we feel it in our bodies to such an extent that we use such things as food or alcohol, cigarettes or exercise to distract ourselves from the pain inside us. Even asking the question, Am I Depressed? makes us feel fearful and confused.

“Why does depression happen to me and not to other people” Is a question I am asked over and over again and the answer always seem to be the same. The seeds of depression are sown when we were young and it comes from a place that is full of experiences like not being heard, loneliness and worry about the present. It is a place full of isolation where a person has to work things out for themselves without the benefit of having consistent care and attention from observant, loving caregivers. It is a place where, more often than not, a person had to prioritise the wellbeing of the adults in their life who were sometimes attentive and sometimes absent.

Depression is confusing, painful and miserable. It is also understandable and treatable and there is a life on the other side of it’s dark curtain.

If you have found this blog useful and would like to find out what counselling can do for you or someone you care about then why not get in touch with me and we can speak about counselling and the other courses of action open to you. Across Bournemouth and Poole I have enabled young people, couples and families and individuals to understand what is happening for them and together we have created a better life.