Adult Counselling

Counselling I provide gives you the opportunity to soothe your anxieties and recover from difficult times so you can enjoy life with energy and hope.

Reasons for Adult Counselling

Communication Issues

Sexual Therapy

Partner Infidelity

Non Traditional Relationship

Premarital Counseling

Trust Problems

About Adult Counselling

Therapy gives you the time and the opportunity to hear your own story in safety and peace. I understand that thinking and speaking about difficult times can evoke strong feelings and memories that you may be trying hard to manage or forget. So, before we start, I will show you compassionate ways to soothe yourself whenever you feel disturbed by unhappy thoughts and feelings.

 I will not diagnose you with a condition nor will I tell you how to think or feel. Rather, taking a no blame approach, we can look at the probable causes and reasons for the way you feel today, we will talk about the patterns in your life you would like to change and we will help you to leave behind what is no longer helpful to you so you can move forward into the future with what is useful and helpful to you today.

Finally, I will not tell your story to anyone else, including your family, your partner or your GP. Please follow this link to read more about confidentiality and how it applies to counselling.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about counselling then please send me an email. Alternatively, you are welcome to call me and I can talk you through the counselling process.


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