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Family Court, Cafcass, Mediation Services and Family Therapy

I help separating and divorcing couples, stuck in long or short term conflict and litigation, to resolve difficulties and resentments so they can manage contact arrangements and financial agreements without relying on the court to arbitrate.

I take referrals from people divorcing or separating, The Family Court, Social Services and Cafcass and if you would like to speak to me please call me on 07872137615 or email me.

I am used to preparing court reports in accordance with Family Procedure Rules 2010, Part 25 and Practice Directions (PDs) 25B, 25D and 25E, paying particular attention to paragraph 9.1 of PD 25B which deals with the contents of expert reports.

Please click on the link below to review these directions in full:

What happens in Family Therapy

Key to my approach is an understanding that anger, anxiety and fear come hand in hand with separation and divorce. Indeed, studies have shown that adults and children are at a potentially much greater risk of experiencing chronic, diagnosable, mental health problems and physical ailments than at any other time in their lives.

Therefore, I am committed to working alongside my clients and by providing a calm, non-judgemental, focused, environment, we can think safely about what they and their children need.

To reduce the probability of parties engaging in lengthy, stressful proceedings, I believe it is essential for all parties to feel heard and understood during the divorce process. I believe this is the best way to ensure that triangulation and suspicion of the other are replaced with a willingness to work through difficulties without the need to resort to a lengthy legal remedy when problems present arise.

I meet with adults separately at my offices, unless both parties can meet together safely.

Working with Children

Much of my work involves children and I place the welfare of all children involved in proceedings at the centre of all my interventions.

Having been the therapeutic lead practitioner at three mainstream secondary schools, one EBD special school and most recently at Chelsea Academy, London, from 2009 to December 2018, I am well used to speaking with children and young people.

Accurate assessment of all aspects on the Welfare Check list is essential if the Court is called upon to decide on a matter. By using an attachment focused, evidenced based, approach, I can show why I have reached my conclusions in the reports I write and the verbal advice I may give. It is my intention to provide Cafcass and the Court with sound rational so professionals can make the right decision for children and young people.

I meet with children and young people on a 1:1 basis, unless this would cause them distress, and I either see them in school or at my office.

I am clear with them that they are under no obligation to speak with me and I talk to them about my responsibility to them in terms of Safeguarding them and accurately and safely representing their wishes and feelings.

Mental health conditions I am able to treat

I provide timely and effective interventions, for a wide range of diagnosable mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, trauma experienced in childhood and adulthood and personality disorders.

What if only one party is willing to think about change?

Sometimes, no matter how hard professionals might try, only one party is ready and willing to undertake this work.

In this case I will work with that person as they re-focus and show them how to remove themselves, non-confrontationally, from negative conflict cycles with their ex-partner.
If you would like to find out more information about the service I offer please call me on 07872137615 or email me.

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